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July 19, 2022

Uncertainties Galore – Time for More Fireside Conversations!

Multiple shocks, inflationary dynamics, and recessionary factors have served investors up a whopping plate of uncertainty. The outlook for lower earnings growth and central banks’ resolve to tighten monetary conditions point to an extension of the risk-off phase. In this context, many questions come up, and solutions are in high demand. Therefore, it’s time for more Fireside Conversations!

After our last round of ,Fireside Conversations in Spring 2022, we will hold another series of conversations after the summer is over. We need to discuss what has changed. Are we holding on to our recommendations, e.g. with regard to digital assets and alternatives? How are we addressing the manifold challenges in our investment strategies? And what solutions can BFI offer to alleviate some of the problems we all face today?

Recordings of Fireside Conversations

If you have missed any of our past Fireside Conversations, you can select and watch the recordings by going to our website. You can access all of the recordings under the following link:

There is much to discuss. The specifics of the upcoming Conversations are not yet set. But we had several clients, partners, and friends of BFI ask us whether we’d be holding more. The answer is a resounding YES. And more details will be shared soon.

Here’s a glimpse into what we will be doing:

  • Interviews with keynote guests regarding the latest developments in financial markets and broader economic outlook.
  • Presentation and discussion of our latest additions to our investment quiver, most of all our new Swiss Integrity Gold Fund, the Abacorum Fund, as well as the AltAlpha Digital Fund, all of which will now be made available to a broader group of international investors, including our clients in the US.
  • An update on aXedras, which has just been awarded the second place in the annual Swiss Fintech Award.
  • And more...

Until then, we wish everybody a great summer, and no more unwelcome surprises – although we are getting used to it, are we not?

Your BFI Capital Team

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